Touch Fair Architecture & Exhibit Space – Vegetaling Pavilion Project

Architects: Arch. Raffaella Laezza - Scientific Manager of the Master

Services: Invited lecturer at the II Level Master “Touch Fair Architecture & Exhibit Space”

Location: Architecture University of Venice IUAV

Visiting lecturer at the second level Master named "Touch Fair Architecture & Exhibit Space" to talk about the principles of acoustics in general and specifically in temporary pavilions such that for the event "Futura Economia per Ambiente" Brixia Forum November 2020, the master's thesis project. The idea of the project was to apply the principles of Eco-generative design in a temporary and modular architecture where the structures and finishes must consider recyclable and ecological elements and materials in line with the principles of circular economy and of a temporary and reusable architecture, with respect to the focus of the master, that is nature. In the master's degree course, students are asked to develop the exhibition space as an art gallery structured around experiential paths, excluding the vision of spaces as stands instead developing the exhibition as a storytelling of the approach process of the companies to the circular economy. Reviewer of the students' projects, one of which was selected for being constructed for the Brixia Forum event in November 2020.