Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Architects: Arup Architects & Starbucks designers

Client: Starbucks Reserve

Services: Acoustic Design for Scheme Design, Detailed Design and Construction support

Location: Milan, Italy

Located in the historic turn-of-the-century «Palazzo delle Poste» building on Piazza Cordusio, this Starbucks Reserve Roastery is the culmination of a dream decades in the making. Every detail of the space was designed to honor the indelible magic of Milano (citation from Starbucks Reserve website). The Roastery journey begins from Piazza Cordusio, where tables are located to enjoy the atmosphere and the buzziness of Milan city centre. In the inside, the Roastery is composed by different areas, leading to a multisensory experience. The main bar, the Princi bar and the Handpicked at the roastery are the surrounding areas to the roastery one where the machines of the process system are located. The acoustic design focused on the assessment of the noise generated by the ventilation and process system units, located on the roof and on the basement of the building, at the façade of the nearest noise sensitive receivers in the surroundings as well as within the building. This was done to avoid potential annoyance to the neighbours and the occupants of the Starbucks Roastery and to be within the environmental noise limits. In addition, the façade sound insulation was evaluated based on the noise levels from the City of Milan noise maps. This was done in order to select the suitable façade glazing and achieve the internal ambient noise level target. The internal sound insulation was also assessed to control noise from the building services and the process system machines located on the basement -1 and -2. Finally, an assessment of the room acoustics within the main Starbucks floor was undertaken with the idea of keeping the main Princi bar and the Handpicked at the roastery areas acoustically live to enhance the use of the space but differentiating the tables and sofas area by controlling the reverberance more so that customers can sit, have a chat or work in a calmer environment.